Preventive Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes made by the recipient of a new roofing system is the lack of maintenance performed after the initial installation. Almost all manufacturers’ warranties call for a regular maintenance plan to keep the warranty effective and up-to-date.

A preventive maintenance program not only minimizes leaks, but also keeps roofing insulation dry and intact during the life of the roof, increasing the odds that the insulation can be reused during the next installation. This reduces the cost of the second installation (by almost 30 to 40%) and keeps materials out of landfills, resulting in a positive net impact on the environment.

At Green Roofing and Waterproofing, we use top-rate preventive maintenance strategies tailored to your roof.

A preventive maintenance program provides a number of measurable benefits. For instance, it can:

Increase the expected service life of a roof by as much as 50%.
Reduce roof-related expenses to free up capital for other uses.
Cut the time and effort required to address emergency repairs.

Implementing a regular, periodic roof maintenance program is critical to validating the warranty, prolonging the life, and avoiding failure of a commercial roof.

At Green Roofing, our roof management programs are designed to allow for the longest useful life from your installed roofing system. Our programs provide experience with all major manufacturers’ warranties and the best service possible through our professional roofing mechanics and their years of roofing experience.